Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You wear me out when you're feeling cold
You're so fashionable
Remember when we used to do everything together?
Seasons change--you leave me in the dark.
I didn't see you all summer, did you think of me?
Your scent still lingers... Have you changed perfumes since last year?
What if you've outgrown me?
We used to be so comfortable--cozy.
You; in my arms.
Remember when we met?
You weren't sure about me at first--I wasn't your "type".
But we just fit, didn't we?
I still compliment you, but it's not the same.
Did you get bored with me?
You're so fashionable...
When--why did we stop going out?
Was I just an accessory?
Was I not enough? Could I not protect you?
I just feel so empty without you.
Maybe if I were more versatile...
But that's not it, is it? I'm not clingy. You're not superficial.
I'll admit--I need you, but it's not like you're the only one for me.
It's just--you know me. Inside and out.
It's quite possible that you were made for me, and I for you.
We complete each other.
There are billion other girls in the world, but I want you only.
You have your pick as well, but no other suits you like me.
I don't blame you if you don't want me anymore
I'm sure you must be bored with me
Not to mention I have nothing to offer you
Except the $20 and the lip balm in my pocket, but those are yours anyway.

Last Year's Winter Coat.

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