Friday, May 31, 2013

Up and Adam

Up and Adam

I am greeting a new dawn like none other today. Each day, I do so, like it or not; it is my choice.

I am like none other, and so is this day.

I am Up. I spent a long night looking up at the sky, wondering how many countless minds had contemplated the same infinite, wondrous, supernal manifestation above. Was it David who mused that the heavens were so glorious, that he could not help but feel unworthy? No; it was me. It was myriad souls, time out of mind, who reflected upon mortality as they gazed on the face of immortality. Oh to attain Heaven. Their sole, soul pursuit.

What earned any of us the privilege of life?

What gives us the slightest impression or inkling to squander this moment thinking about tomorrow?
Or the past?

I am Adam. We are each of us fallen angels....

What a privilege!

What are the chances that we should fall upon this Earth? The universe (what ever that may mean), and its vast void of space lends well to an infinity fall. It is The nature. To fall infinitely, within the toroidal flow of God itself-- the universe.


Seasons... Aeons.

The sun compels life to spring up. Life is in the water. The water is in the warm earth, tapped by the roots of the Tree of Life, itself. The tree of life is me, just as much as It is you.
Breathe in, breathe out.... try to keep pace with the body's constant acknowledgment of The Way, the Tao. There is no moment more precious than the next; do the next thing.

After telling our deepest secrets of the universe over porridge or coffee what is left to do? Wash your bowl. Wash your cup. Do the next thing.

That is the Tao; Be the universe's perfect reflection. You have no other choice. You and I are star-stuff.

Twinkle twinkle, little star! Wonder, Wonder—what you are.

Were it but for such specks of dust like our Earth, we would be lost souls, with no pool in which to reflect upon our God-nature, as it has been my privilege to do tonight under the full light of the half moon.
'As above, so below...'

God's love compels all of creation. Every single Adam. Every quark and muon....

I fall into wonder while gazing into a mirror on my frame. It is only as imperfect as I will to see and be. And yet I am perfect. I am a perfect example of God, the universe, reflecting, musing upon itself. I am looking on a card house stack of bones, tethered in tendons and sinew, draped in precious flesh— rarer an element in this universe than gold or silver— in such a delicate and calculated fashion.... and it is Me! I howl, and my dog howls with me.

I am that I am!

I hide my nakedness in cloth, metal, leather in my own daily ceremony, and fall from one wonder to the next as I look out the window to my left, and see faint evidences of day....
I wonder, what today will bring?
I know what I will bring today, with me on the Tao:

Carry blade,
Carry fire,
Carry water.

My dog is not ready for the day she yawns 3 times before I even begin to collect my accouterments together, but she will have to get her beauty sleep in the well house. I am Adam, and the day is abroad in the garden. The sun is fondling the mountain tops behind my corner of Eden. The tree of life greets me again in the frost on my scooter seat. A colt awakens as I open the gate and lead my beautiful dog to sleep away a beautiful morning. The colt lets me take her photo, she walks up to me and looks me in the eye with curiosity. Did I just steal her soul? She is beautiful. Everything is beautiful.

I regard the frosty crystal pattern once more before breaking them up, and taking my seat. I turn to face the sun. She is still behind the mountain, but already her rosy fingers are tickling at the beautiful, selfish weeds in the fields. What a Beautiful day. The trees frame a telephoto effect of Wolf Mountain as I take to the road. 7 miles into town, give or take. It is all one long prayer of thanks.

For every moment, For every color, for every drop of water, for every element in every application, for every breath, for every exhale, for every mountain, for every fish, for every novel idea, for every necessity, for every beautiful life upon this beautiful planet, for every sensation, for every emotion for every thought, for the sun, for warmth, for absence thereof, for day and night, for the moon above me now, for every blade of grass, for every pattern, for every breeze, for every stillness that Thou gifts me, Thank You, God.

Thanks for reading.