Thursday, February 4, 2010

Final Report

Moved into new address. So far, so good. Unpacking is slow-going; I can't be too loud, the downstairs neighbors are very suspicious of me, and I don't care to get off to a bad start. They are possibly Jewish—I cannot say for certain. They only poked their noses out when I began bringing in boxes. All in all, I think this place will be good for me. It's a quiet neighborhood.

Day 2 in new apartment. I got an early start on unpacking. Need to get those little wall adapters for power cables with ground prongs... at least this place has electricity at all. The previous tenant never had the power turned off... very suspicious. There is a grocery store on the corner, but I don't think I'll shop there. It seems too much of a community spirit there. I can shop at the super-mart on #### street. Returned to find a plate of brownies from my new neighbors down the hall, the "Pulsiphers". Took them inside but immediate disposed of them. Upon reflection, I should have just left them on the floor outside my door. I hope everyone isn't this friendly.

Basically Completely moved in, only to find I may have to move yet again: there is a man moving into a facing apartment across the street, one floor higher than mine. It is definitely not the same man as before. I noticed him last night while I was listening to my music (through headphones, obviously. Some of the other tenants here still don't know I've moved in.) When I suddenly felt the urge to look out my window. Sure enough, he was unloading boxes from the back of a Volvo 760. It is blue, I think it is an '83. I'm going on best guesses because I cannot, at this point, go to he library. At any rate, it seems to be burning oil (judging by the sooty back hatch, above the tailpipe). Back to New Guy: He only had one load of boxes. He then parked his car in the parking garage on ####, Which is still within view, he must not suspect I was watching. I turned off the lights in my apartment and "made my bed". I sat on the floor in the kitchen for about 3 hours and sure enough, he came to window and looked out. He is a tall man, probably in his 40's. He wears glasses. When the opportunity came, I moved to the bathroom. I will sleep here tonight.

Bright morning, loud in the streets. Monday. The New Guy gets an early start to his day. He left around 5:30AM. I am making plans to "one-up" him when he returns. First, I have to go shopping. Stockpile enough to last me 1 month. I will set up for surveillance on the roof. 6:36PM. Procured enough sustenance to last 3 weeks. New Guy arrived at about (exactly) 4:50PM. spent most of his time in the living area, he didn't draw back the curtains like he did last night. He left at 6:21PM. I continued to watch, in case he was trying to fake me out. Hopefully the next few days will establish a pattern that I may work around.

New Guy left his "home" at the same time today. Not surprised. I have made a cache of provisions and weapons, as well as a safe place to store my documents. I have an uneasy feeling about this New Guy. He seems so unconcerned.

If I must move again, I will leave everything here and start over completely. I will have to move further this time. I will disclose the new location as per enemy evasion protocol...

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