Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Then it Occurred to Me...

Some birds like Shiny things.

I'm babysitting a Parakeet for the next 3 days. His Name is Zeus, and he is a pretty nice guy. He has a little toy (among others) that hangs in his cage with a little spin-y mirror. I can't tell if he pecks it because it has his reflection in it, and he hasn't got a friend in the world, or if he just likes the fact that it spins. But it just occurred to me that he may be aware that when it spins, it sends a beam of light right into mine eye. I wouldn't put it past the mind of an animal to be able to become aware of something like that, let alone a poor little parakeet without a friend in the world, with nothing better to do than inch side to side on a stick and peck at a mirror every once in a while.

Poor thing, he can't even talk. He kinda sings along to the music I put on, but only when it first starts, or resembles a sound he can make. Zeus, you're a good bird; I'm sorry you were bred in captivity, and than you've never known what it's like to fly more than a foot or two. It seems an awful crime to keep you from doing what god created you for.

I'm not going to go join ALF of PETA over it, but I think I've just decided not to have a pet unless it can be free to do as it likes (don't worry, that will never entail a promiscuous dog or cat). I think it would be cool to have a trained bird, one that would live on my boat with me. But it would probably have to be a bird of prey, as I don't think I would spare the food storage space for birdseed. A medium sized bird that would live on the deck of my boat and eat fish would be perfect. I'd bring 'em inside if the weather got too crazy, but other than that, he/she would be free to fly alongside me an' my boat, go catch a fish, fly along some other boat, fly away to a happier spot on land... etc.

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Eve said...

methinks you be growin' up into a good lil pirate, matey.