Sunday, November 1, 2009

Housing Arrangements

I've just realized that, even though all my life I've dreamed of owning a mansion someday, I actually don't want a big house.

It occurred to me when I was thinking of having family dinner. Just regular family dinner. In a huge house it would be unlikely that it would happen on any sort of regular basis, which is what I want. Just considering the spread-outness of living in a huge house, it would become cumbersome to track everyone down and say "supper time" and the likelihood of everyone actually coming to the dinner table would be pretty small.

But heres what I DO want.

A large bit of property.

I used to want a pool in my house, now I want a pool house. I used to want a in-home theatre with theatre seating and all that. Now I want a standalone building for that purpose(it'll also have an arcade/gameroom). I would be fine with a two car garage, as long as I have a shop down the hill where I can keep all my projects and toys.

I don't want 3 guest bedrooms. I want a GUEST HOUSE! that way when my kids grow up to be failures, they can always move home and not be too much of a burden.


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