Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forced Day of School


I'm back in school and I think I'm going to LOVE it. I am taking classes that interest me, aside from Biology.... (who knows? I may become keenly interested in that as well). I have been uber stressed about whether or not I should withdraw from school and concentrate on saving up money for my move to Guam in January, or if I should go to school ('cause I realllllly wanted to) and spend a semester saving up in order to be able to move to Guam. I was also considering staying back from Guam, because I'm really excited about school. Anyway, Now I can do both (thank you, Dad) and I am now really excited for both, and really optimistic.

my classes

Biology 1010 (all about frog guts or something)
Raquetball (PE credit)
Intro to Theatre (all things to do with stage production)
Digital Media Essentials (multimedia software; web design, video, photo, sound, flash animation)
Script and Text analysis (the nitty-gritty of storytelling)

so... 14 hours. not bad and I think I will love this semester. I still intend to go to Guam in January... unless something big changes before then. I plan to make a documentary of wildlife on Guam. I am going to try to get a marine rig for my camera so I can take it scuba diving, but those things cost more than my camera did. This semester I hope to learn some skills to help me in developing my portfolio, I also think I will learn some major important techniques for writing, so I hope to finish a script before the end of 2009.

now.... to buy books and such.



whirlygirl said...

looks like a good semester :) I was just cleaning my kitchen, thinking about you, and wishing you'd update your blog, cause I like it when you do that, and wishing I could get internet access in my new apartment, cause I haven't set that up...and then sat down & there was a wireless connection that I could mooch off of, and you had made two posts! :D Glad you've gotten some breaks!

Tara Belnap said...

Wow! Guam! I can't believe it! PLUS Biology is WAY more than frog guts... but basically the coolest part (not!)

I am just having my students start on a bug collection. :) Biology is the greatest... learn it, love it, want it. :)