Monday, June 9, 2008

Got my motor bycle running.

Pictures to come, although right now it's looking like a skeleton or something.

My brother has helped me a tremendous amount. He actually pretty much did it himself, and i forked out the cash. But after over 2 and a half years I finally have a functioning motorcycle "Motorbycle").

I have been back and forth on whether to keep it or not, I have come very very close to selling it, and for good money. But the fact that it would bring more as a finished, running bike than as a project kept me from letting it go. Finally, after 1800 dollars I have something to show for it. It isn't much of a looker, but I'm making plans to fix that, too.

To all you quadruwheelers out there. open your eyes and look around. Your half-assed glances at a stop sign aren't enough to see a motorcycle, we just don't have the same visibility as a 3-ton Hummer H2. The majority of motorcycle deaths aren't because the rider was a Evel Kineval wannabe who was trying to break a land speed record, they are because other drivers "didn't see them". If you can't bring yourself to be aware of the two wheeler vehicles around you for the sake of their safety, it may help to consider that in any incident involving a motorcycle or scooter and a car the fault will be on the driver of the car 80% of the time citing negligence as the cause. Cyclists have not only their equilibrium to consider, but they also have to consider all the morons around them who are too distracted to notice them. so, in effect, motorcyclists are driving for themselves and everyone around them. cut us a break and don't assume that anything that isn't casting a shadow isn't worthy of space on the street. Thank you.

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