Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get Smart (or creative).

Skinned shoe.

guts and all.

Just like with baby seals, we only keep the parts we can use.

A Muzzle?
Kinda a muzzle, we call it a barrel.
one more piece to put on.
gotta cover the barrel.
Nearly finished! Still need a waistband clip ( I think I'll make it from a tape measure)
This photo doesn't do the crappy needlework, or mismatched thread color justice.
How perfect? the (padded) seam doesn't hit the mag release.
Skechers brand concealed carry Holster!


whirlygirl said...

Nice job. When I made a custom-made scripture tote out of a purse, a paperboard box and an old pair of khaki capris, Seanigle said "The Mabrys are the most resourceful people I know. They can invent anything out of ANYTHING." Way to prove that crazy kid right!

Janell said...

What did you do with the other shoe?

Kelly Jo said...

As impressive as this is, I need some new material. Get your life together and get blogging already.