Monday, June 16, 2008


As per a request for a fresh post... here goes.

I quit my job. I have finally had enough of the bullcrap that goes on perpetually at my work. I'd like to think that I have been an influence for good in the lives of the boys I work with, but I have found that the vast majority of my efforts have been thwarted. Not by the boys or their resistance to change. By the company, and their disregard for the way... an RTC should be managed. I decided a little less than 2 months ago that I had had enough. I have been given the runaround for 16 months about getting health insurance, and I've put up with the bullshit for long enough. My 2-weeks comes at a bad time for my boss and the rest of the staff, we've had trouble getting adequate staffing for the past several weeks. I'd like to say that I don't care, but I do... I feel like I'm leaving a lot of people holding the bag for selfish reasons. But then again, is it REALLY that selfish to turn away from an employer who has snubbed me time and time again? I need to take care of myself, and I can't do that on the empty promises that come from this job. My boss asked me if there was anything he could do to persuade me to stick around, I told him that if he did something now, only after realizing that I am quitting, I would only be more insulted. To know that they could change what I've been trying to get changed for months, but only to keep me from leaving... I'm done talking about this now. I'm just boiling my blood over it, and I've done too much of that already. good news is, the last weekend of June will be my last week of obligation at that job, although I'm not ruling out the possibility of working there "On Call".

I bought my Video Camera. After months and months of saving, and my stimulus package/tax return, I finally got enough money to buy myself a high end video camera for making movies. I dealt with a lot of red tape to get the order in but as of about 1 this afternoon, my order was processed and my camera will be in the mail tomorrow. It is a Canon XH-A1, an HD camera. I have been drooling over a standard definition camera (XL2) for about 3 years, and when I finally got the money to get it, I went with the HD model. Hopefully I don't regret this choice. It was kind of sudden (in terms of research and so forth... I have spent TONS more time reading reviews and technical descriptions of the XL2). This camera has a couple of things about it that I might end up not liking so much. First of all, It's HD (Hi-Def) And I worry that I am giving up that "film look" that is synonymous with the XL2. getting the HD isn't so much out of necessity as an effort to get ahead of the game, make the transition to HD so that my equipment will last me longer, and hopefully rise to the challenge of my high aspirations (Cinema-quality, feature-length films). Secondly, This camera doesn't have interchangeable lenses. not that I could afford the alternate lenses for the other camera I was considering, but it is reasurring to know that one can change out lenses to get the desired exposure/effect for most applications. In researching this camera I learned that the fixed lens of the XHA1 is every bit as versatile as any standard lenses for the XL2 combined. Wider/Longer.... etc. still, to think I defaulted on some unforeseen situation by going with the fixed lens is worrisome to me. I have dreams of this camera eventually paying for itself, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I got my motorcycle Running. My 2+ year project is finally coming to fruition! with a ton of help from my brother I got a bona fide, operational motorcycle, sans working blinkers, speedometer/odometer and good looks (it is 5 different colors right now, not counting primer and bond-o). Hopefully I will have it looking brand new soon, although I have until the end of winter to have it ready to resell. I intend to use what I make off of reselling it to put a down payment on a newer, nicer bike. I'll also cut my brother in for a good chunk of the profit for all the work and time he put into it, including but not limited to: Shopping for/buying parts, Moving it around, research, condescending/informative explanations, actual work on bike, loaning me his helmet/riding gear, brainstorming/troubleshooting, using his wife as a gopher, more moving, etc. I got my helmet in the mail on Thursday, and I intend to get to work on the fairings sometime soon (next paycheck).

I am scheduled to get my tumors looked at. I finally called a doctor/surgeon to get my icky tumors looked at and, hopefully, hacked out. I guess tumor surgeons are in high demand, I have 3 weeks before my appointment, Luckily my dad never canceled my health insurance policy from 3 years ago, so I should have nothing to worry about on coverage.

I have made little or no progress on my script since my last posting.

And finally, My co-moviemaker has uploaded our long-promised 1st episode of Lords-a-Larping, Enjoy!

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