Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So... Installment art.

I have an idea for the most beautifully awesome installment art.

But I would need a place to put it, most preferably indoors. It would potentially be 3-4 stories tall, and I can't even begin to estimate cost. But man, I would love to make it a reality. Obviously, as an artist, I am too paranoid to actually let my concept out into the unknown universe. but I think this particular piece of art would actually be the art of aesthetics, and synergy. Utilizing the talents of several different artisans, from painters, to wood workers, to audio design, to textiles... I would love to make it happen.

So where does one start in looking for sponsorship and "hosting" of installment art? I would probably be able to find all the artists myself. and get an engineer on board to make my vision possible....

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JH said...

Good luck with that. And I can understand not wanting to throw your brain child into the universe - it's like getting naked in front of strangers in a way.

Stumbled across your blog. Loved the curb appeal and what I read during my stay.