Thursday, October 23, 2008

Show Biz.

So. Tonight was opening night. I have a lot of opinions, but right now the main thing want to say is that the show is incredible, both as a production and as an experience. I didn't even get stage fright! I get to wear all black and pretend that the audience doesn't exist. As far as my job is concerned, the stage is little more than memorizing (or using my cheat sheet discreetly, as is most often the case) cable numbers, scene numbers, and a bunch of routes and destinations for the "booms" that hold the lighting fixtures. I had hopes of earning a "Best Boy" title on the credits, or in the program. but I guess I'll have to settle for "Evan Embry", first name on the list of electricians.

Here's one cool thing though. I think I scored a 10' x 10' vinyl poster of Nosferatu!
I emailed the guy in charge of the posters about possibly getting a 3 x 5 (or something like that) poster. He said the departments had already claimed them all... but that no one wanted this 10 x 10 because it is just toooo big.

Sweet. I didn't ask for the vinyl because I figured it was too valuable or coveted for me to have a chance of getting it.

Anyway, aside from the fact that I am not really given due credit (actually I got my name corrected in the credits, just not the programs... the tangible... memorable programs.) I think it is well worth starving for lack of availability to work, the lack of time for homework hasn't hit yet. And rent isn't due for another week.


whirlygirl said...

as in 10 feet by 10 feet?!? You should make a rug out of it or something!

topher clark said...

Evan - just found your blog via comments on uvunosferatu. You are a terrific writer. You have been a giant asset to the show and I feel completely asinine that they screwed your name up in the program. Anyway. Thanks for being a part of this - you have no idea how much you contribute.

Gypsy Kid said...

Thanks Chris, I'm very impressed with this production and I am glad to be a part of it, albeit under a different name on paper. Congratulations on making this thing a reality!

whirlygirl said...

I found you passing claps in the pre-show vid! It made me laugh :) Wish I could be there for the show!!!

Gypsy Kid said...

actually, I'm one of the guys in black standing off to the side with my arms folded. I have white paper in my back pocket. ;)

whirlygirl said...

DANgit! I thought you were the guy right in front of the real You, with the grey shirt & brown pants.