Friday, January 25, 2008

All the icy heights that contain all reason...

You know when you're walking around, maybe preoccupied with something like trying to make your shirt collar sit right on your neck. and then all of the sudden theres a moment of silence around you... no slamming doors, no laughter or speaking, no people really. And then you just sort go "whoa, how'd I get here?"

happens all the time.

I liked that feature on Myspace blogs that allowed you to pick a soundtrack for your mood/blog. Right now I'd pick Badfish.

I really like driving fast. I need to work on my car.

I'm hating the snow right now. I'm just in the mood for that sweltering, humid heat that pins you to the floor. of course it's too dry here for that.
I have to admit, the gypsy in me is really jonesing for that fix of adventure, or escapism. I'm going to log off of here and meditate for a half hour or so. But first I'm going to replay this Pixies song and grab the last root beer from the fridge.


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