Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Healing Hands For Haiti/ Utah Hospital Task Force

Greetings generous donors,

On behalf of the Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation, I would personally like to thank you for your generosity at this critical time. You are wonderful examples of the human spirit. I would really love to send each of you a personal thank you letter, but logistically this would be impossible given the number of you wonderful donors. Therefore, may this impersonal email convey the sincere appreciation we as a board feel for you at this time. You will never know the impact these funds will have on many Haitians lives. Healing hands for Haiti is a 501(C)3 charitable foundation, so your contributions are tax deductable. For donations under $250.00, your PayPal receipt or your cancelled check will be sufficient proof of contribution. For those of you donating $250.00 or more, I will be sending you an official receipt.

The Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation has made significant strides to provide aid to the suffering Haitians at this time. We currently have two medical professionals from our board of directors on the ground in Haiti. Dr. Jeff Randle, just returned after a week of service. To see the efforts and experiences of Dr. Jeff Randle, go to his blog at

As many of you know, Steve Studdert has coordinated a major relief effort in partnership with the Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation. Many of you have contributed to this Utah Hospital Task Force through Healing Hands for Haiti, we thank you for these donations. Those for whom you have contributed are scheduled to travel this week and will have a life changing experience as the assist in the relief efforts in Haiti.

Although all 7 of the buildings on our property have been completely destroyed, or rendered uninhabitable, we have opened up our campus as a safe haven for two orphanages that were destroyed near our facilities. Additionally, our compound will be used by humanitarian groups for weeks to come.

In the 10 year existence of the Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation we never imagined such a devastating blow to the people and country that we love and serve. I want to assure you that your funds will be used appropriately in the care of these great people and the rebuild of their beautiful country. To stay apprised of our efforts, follow us at our website-

Thank you again,

Trent Goddard
Healing Hands for Haiti International Foundation

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