Sunday, July 26, 2009

it goes like this

a child is passing under where his father is building a beautiful house out of bricks
you see... the child has just brought his father a nice glass of cold lemonade

The father is now hoisting up a barrel of bricks when suddenly the lemonade spills over the edge of the building

Time slows down as the father looks over the edge, only to see that the child is playing on the sidewalk below, oblivious to the falling lemonade

He releases his hold on the rope hoist and cups his hands around his mouth

"beware the lemonade!"

the child is blindsided, first by a glass of lemonade
and then a barrel of bricks

as the father descends the scaffolding the child is bleeding all over the sidewalk

"are you okay?" the father asks, hoping to see the child stand and brush the dust from his togs...

"it hurts!" comes the reply

"of course it does, if only I'd called out sooner, there wouldn't be lemon juice in your wounds"

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