Monday, May 25, 2009

New Post

I seem to be writing quite a lot these days, but nothing I'm comfortable posting here. Here's a little update, something that really made my day last week.

My job entails picking up garbage along the exits on the interstate. I found a phone, which is a surprisingly frequent occurrence, but this one worked. I found the back of it first, and then the main piece, and then the battery. It was about a $ three or four hundred dollar phone. I didn't expect it to work, but I popped the battery in (not as simple as all that, because it has some road rash) and voila! it booted right up. It was an AT&T phone, and I have Tmobile, so i would have to have it unlocked for it to do me any good. It also had an 8GB SD card in it.

The thought crossed my mind that I should keep it. But in about 5 phone calls, i was able to track down the owner and return it to him. He insisted on giving me $20, shook my hand and said "And thanks for your honesty, that's just great!"

I wish I hadn't kept the $20, I feel like it kinda put a damper on a good feeling.

*Turns out the guy had pretty good taste in music*

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whirlygirl said...

I can't imagine losing my phone out the car window and not turning right back around to retrieve it! And what's the cause for all these thrown phones?...heated arguments?...curious children?