Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a Day!

I woke up today, before my alarm went off. I thought 'you know, I could try and sleep until my alarm goes off, or I could get a jump start on my day.' I opted for the latter.

Upon opening my laptop to print off the paper I stayed up till 4:00AM staring at, I saw the clock in the bottom right-hand corner. 11:19AM. "Hmm.. that can't be right... *check phone* ....****!" I grabbed the most readily available clothing which happened to be the shirt I worked out in 3 days ago and a pair of jeans that are just now getting broken in (they look brand new, so I've worn them about 4 times without washing them). I dashed out the door to catch the bus. I ran to the stop for the 811 but the 830 was going to have to do, the 811 is quicker, but it didn't come for another 40 minutes. The 830 came creeping along about 8 long minutes later. And, wouldn't you know it? the driver was dedicated to his job. He waited at each stop until the exact second that quotes people when they look up routes. Did I mention that my Psychology final ended 4 minutes AFTER I woke up? yeah, it did.

I decided that no amount of toe tapping would get me there in time to catch my professor and ooze some lame excuse, and plea for mercy. I got to the school no later than 7 seconds after 12:00PM according to the clock on the buses nav system. I bee lined it to my psych classroom on the off chance that my instructor was still there. That was a big fat negative. I then scurried to my history class fully expecting a tongue lashing from my professor.

It wasn't so bad. He just criticized me for being late and "missing it!" (photos of his grandchildren, no... I'm serious.) but he was pretty much just jeering me.
It was about this time that I realized that I smelled like crusty socks and shampoo (I took a shower last night, but my dirt clothes masked the scent of Irish Spring Aloe). I don't think we went over anything in class that we hadn't covered Tuesday. but I must admit, the fact that my psychology grade just went from a B+ to a C- (or worse) was kinda distracting me. As soon as class got out I went to the computer lab and emailed my Psych professor (resisting the temptation to cook up an excuse for my missing class) I told him that I missed it due to "extenuating circumstances" and left it at that. I now had time to verify the suspected cause of my overstay in dreamland. Yep, out of all the days I could have set my alarm for 9PM instead of AM this semester, I decided to do it on the last day of classes.

I got some pointers from my English professor on my final paper (he gave me an extension on Tuesday for a week, since my trail version of Office Word had expired and locked my drafts of my final paper). I went and checked out the pool set from CC and went to kill some time, waiting for my Psych professor to get my email. On the way to the pool table I saw the Yellow blouse and dark brown hair of one of my English 1010 classmates, so I decided to invite her to kill some time with me. She was at a checkout stand and I waited for her to finish up. Normally, I wouldn't be so forward, but she had gone out of her way to talk to me in the hall the past couple of weeks and we chatted a little in class, so I thought it was okay to ask. It is, after all, the last day of class and a simple "no" isn't going to break my feelings. As she turned around I started to say something like "you have somewhere to be?" but I stopped short when I realized that I had the wrong person. DAMNIT. same hair same blouse, same black bra strap. WTF? My day is going like a bad movie at this point. So, I resolve to play pool alone for the next hour.

I had barely played one game against myself when I hear an Latino-accented voice. "Do you have a partner?" I looked up to see two flamboyant South American guys walking toward the pool table. The thought that his phraseology was intentional crossed my mind. I responded with a shrug. They introduced themselves as "Jacques" and "William" from Brazil and Mexico, respectively. They played on the same team and I played on my own.... no pun intended. I think they cheated on purpose under the guise of ignorant foreigners. they played ball in hand when I scratched and every sloppy sink they counted and continued. When they scratched I had to play from the top, I finally decided to play slops as well. After a few games I decided to leave but before I said anything they handed me the pool cues and left. I played two more games against myself and returned them to the Campus Connection.

No reply from Mr. S yet. I decided to head home and keep working on my English paper.
On the way out the door I saw the bus pull up to the depot, about 300 yards away. "just my luck...." I resolved to miss it. but when I was about halfway there i noticed that it was still parked. So I laid rubber and ran for it. The Santa Clause midget bus driver almost slammed the door on me but I got on. He mashed on the gas which, naturally, sent me tumbling behind the white line. "That's okay", I was thinking to myself "Finally! I catch a break." The guy sitting accross from me looked like he had just stepped out of 1985, London. Probably hung over from a Billy Idol concert. He had bleached-white hair and had sewn patches all over some black corduroy pants. He had also hemmed them to fit tight... or rather, not fit at all. His denim vest/jacket had a bunch of band logos on it and he had brown high top Dr. Martin's on. Seriously? where do these people come from?

I got off a couple of blocks before my place and decided to just relax and not stress. Just as i was thinking "don't let it phase you, Evan..." I felt a wetness on my arm.

Bird crap.

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Janell said...

It sounds like you had a no good very bad day :(

I hope things have improved for you since this post!