Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Server's Lament - Mobile Post

I grin and bear your uppity lip, and in the end you keep my tip. I know you're not ignorant, I'm serving you to pay my rent. You bought your meal, you got your meal. When you don't tip you steal. You got your fill and skipped out on the bill-the one for the services I render, payable in legal tender. Maybe you didn't realize I am unable to earn a living when you hog my table. Please make way for PAYING customers, ones that open up their purse. Pocket change left on the check really makes me want to wring your neck. I was right on hand with that orange carafe, to warm your morning brew of decaf. I guess you don't appreciate getting served without a wait.

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Vero Awesome said...

Did you ever read Dice's blog on this particular subject? It will freaking change your life.